Mounted Search And Rescue
Search and Rescue horses in training OKMSAR

            OKMSAR  TRAINING
NASAR Certified Training         Horsemanship Training
Training of the MSAR Horse
OKMSAR Training
  • FEMA / NIMS / ICS / Homeland Security certifications,
            ICS-100, ICS-200, IS-700, IS10, IS11, (ESF)#11, IS800, IS809             (ESF)#9, OSHA (29 CFR 1910.1030)
  • National Association of Search and Rescue
         NASAR Certifications:
         1) Introduction to Search and Rescue
         2) Fundamentals of Search and Rescue Certification
         3) SARTECH  III 
         4) SARTECH II
  • CERT certification, IS317
  • CPR  certification
  • Basic First Aid certification
  • OSBI Back Ground Check
  • Helicopter LZ Safety Training
  • Map, Compass & GPS Navigation- Required monthly Patrol skills
  • Radio Knowledge Procedures- FCC License for Patrol Leaders
  • Wilderness Search & Rescue & Remote First Aid
  • 1 Million Equine & personal liability, bodily injury and property damage insurance
  • 10 Essentials,  24 emergency pack, 72 hour emergency pack
  • High Visibility Equipment- ANSI Class 2
Horsemanship Training
  • Equine Emergency Pack Equipment
  • Equine P&R
  • Body Score and conditioning
  • Heat Index  and Equine Stress
  • Safe Equine Camping Skills- NATRC standards
  • Trailer maneuvering, maintenance and emergency equipment
  • Self Defense
  • Riding Skills- Importance of leg cues
  • How to approach Obstacles
  • Importance of Ground Training
  • Flight Behavior
  • Equitation Skills and Ability
  • Monthly Patrol skills check
  • Trail  Safety and Etiquette 
Training the MSAR Horse
  • Ground Training
  • Desensitizing
  • Obstacles- sound, smell, movement, ground
  • Trail obstacles
  • Required monthly Patrol Riding
  • Transitions
  • Forward movement, laterals, backing
  • Drags & Pulls
  • Packing
  • Hill Climbing
National Association of Search and Rescue OKMSAR Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue arecertified  members
OKMSAR- Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue gearing up for search of missing person
OKMSAR Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue- Early morning tracking of missing person