Mounted Search And Rescue
2013 SAR & MSAR Clinics
May 4th & 5th- Wilderness Search and Rescue-
                           Certification OSU Fire Service Training, OK

May 10th, 11th, 12th- NMSARC Convention- Ruidoso, NM

May 18th- Equine Training Class- (lateral movement-Sidepassing, Backing) & Beginning Compasss Equestrian- Open to the public, no charge to OKMSAR members

June 9th-  1:00 Compass Navigation Training-Bridlewood Equestrian- Open to the Public, no charge to OKMSAR members.
3:00 OKMSAR Meeting

July 28th-  Compass and Navigation-training class, Grid Search-     
        Bridlewood Equestrian 1:00

August- 13th-15th - Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security
Wide Area Search Course PER-213,Oklahoma City, OK

August 17th- CERT- Citizens Emergency Response Team - 
August 18th-OKMSAR- Meeting 1:00- Bridlewood OKC- Patrol Riding-
Oct. 18th, -20th    ISAR, FUNSAR, SARTECH II Training

Nov, 8th - 10th- ISAR, FUNSAR, SARTECH II Training and Testing
Dec. 6th- FCC license Testing

Jan. 25th & Feb 1st- CERT
March 8th & 22nd - CERT
March 14rh-16th- SARTECH II Exams, AR
March 14-16th - ICS-300
April 5th- EMA Clinic
April 25th-27th- NMSARC Escape Convention, Santa Fe

May 5th- 11th-Public Service Recognition Week- time set aside to honor the men and women who devote their careers to public service.

May 25th- Missing Children's Day in Oklahoma- 2,000 children are reported missing to law agencies daily- a special day to remember those children that are missing.
2013 Happenings
May 4th-  Lazy E Arena Guthrie OK-Find out more about OKMSAR.  We'll be at the OETRA booth at the Trainer's Challenge
May 11th- Lake Carl Blackwell Poker Ride. Stillwater,OK -Look for OKMSAR members for more information on joining.
July 27th- Thunderbird Lake Stables Auction- Look for OKMSAR members for more information on joining.
August 24th-   Equine Medical Associates- Edmond-Tack swap - Equine emergencies. Look for OKMSAR members for information on joining.
Sept. 24th Tuesday  6:30 pm- Bridlewood Equestrian- OKC -
TRG (Trail Riding Gals Meeting) This is a "pot luck" meeting-  OKMSAR will be the "speakers."
Oct. McCart Meeting
Oct. GPS and Trail 101 Clinic- Bell Cow Lake
Nov.  2nd- Mid-Del Radio Club joint meeting.
Nov. 11th- Veteran's Day Parade assistance