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Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue
The start of a MSAR patrol unit in Oklahoma began in February of 2013.

As with any business, developing a qualified and certified volunteer MSAR organization takes many hours of dedicated time, training and effort.  We need Oklahomans with time to assist us at all levels.  With or without a horse, it takes many ground hours to prepare before a emergency or disaster.  Assisting in community planning, prepare and prevention will be a large focus of OKMSAR.
  • Help us prevent people / children from getting lost!
  • Help us prepare to assist our first responders with trained and knowledgeable search volunteers.
  • Help us plan before were needed
  • Help us to provide a State -wide
         MSAR for immediate emergency

or call for more information (405) 213-9772

email me
emergency response for search and rescue OKMSAR Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue
If you have a love of horses, (or just the smell of them) enjoy being outdoors, enjoy trail riding, hiking, and want to:

  • learn safe camping skills
  • learn how to trail ride safely
  • learn how to back, park and prepare your trailer
  • learn more about equine health,
  • learn obstacle training with your horse,
  • learn how to improve your riding skills,
  • learn more about basic first aid
  • learn wilderness survival skills,
  • just enjoy being around horse people?

Join  Oklahoma MSAR.   A great way to prepare yourself, and have fun learning to be prepared for you, and your community. 

*Only certified Level 1 OKMSAR Patrol members are qualified to be dispatched for a mission.

Public Safety Education.
MSAR horses must stand still while searchers record compass and GPS  readings
Download OKMSAR membership application:

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