Mounted Search And Rescue
OKMSAR volunteers purchase and maintain their own horses, trucks, trailers, MSAR equipment and self-deploy when called by the responsible authority (e.g. federal, state, county, city, park, tribal agencies, or local emergency services coordinators) to help with a lost or injured person, missing Alzheimer patient or assisting during or after a disaster.

As a resource to the citizens of Oklahoma,
Search and Rescue does not charge
for call-outs or missions.
Our members volunteer their time to OKMSAR because of their dedication and love for our community.
If you or someone you know needs our help,
please call 9-1-1 immediately.

Time is critical in any rescue, and delaying your call for help might result in a more dangerous mission, or an unsuccessful search or rescue. OKMSAR functions under the authority of the local responsible ICS agency or MARC authority.

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OKMSAR Oklahoma Search and Rescue
Many of the Oklahoma MSAR capabilities that make the mounted personnel an effective resource for search are also very applicable in disaster response and rescue.
    Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue OKMSAR Patrol Teams are trained in the Incident Command System, are NIMS / FEMA  compliant, radio communications, have an existing background check and photo ID,  and can deploy self-sufficient for up to 72 hours. OKMSAR Patrol Teams are certified by  NASAR, cross-trained in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), as well as CPR and First Aid, making them even more viable as a search and disaster resource.

   OKMSAR supports, trains  and works within other important state and federal volunteer programs. 

In areas of urban/rural interface or urban parks, equine can be used effectively during a SAR. MSAR Horses are rarely seen in urban areas, therefore when they are used they attract attention. This increases public awareness and the potential a citizen might step forward with needed information pertaining to a search or a disaster response.

OKMSAR- providing locally trained, certified NASAR mounted volunteer patrol teams to assist first responders:
  • the search of missing persons
  • disaster response and relief assistance
  • large animal rescue and evacuation
  • manpower /horsepower assistance
  • mounted perimeter safety patrols
  • support community preparedness
  • update current GPS mapping of public trails
  • to acquire the life-saving skills and knowledge required to provide safe and successful search and rescue operations

Oklahoma is a huge state that has faced multiple disasters both by nature and man-made tragedy.   The resilience and willingness spirit of Oklahomans is to pull together, and help each other. 

OKMSAR is a new (2/2013) forming SAR unit.  It is our goal to place multiple state wide MSAR Patrols  to expedite a immediate response for search, rescue or disaster assistance. 
As an individual, do your part, for you and your family, neighbors, and community it’s so important that we take being prepared seriously. You can help by being trained and prepared in the event of a disaster or for the seach of a missing person.

Support and/or Join Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue!
Contact us for more info on how you can help, with or with-out a horse!
OKMSAR is a 501(c) 3 (pending as of 4/2013)

This page was last updated: March 26, 2014
Search for missing persons OKMSAR Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue
Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue Logo

Mounted search and rescue team
Oklahoma State Counties.Oklahoma  Mounted Search and Rescue Patrol
Oklahoma Neighborhood watch is assited by OKMSAR Patol in public trails and parks.
The safety of Oklahomans is always our top priority, whether it’s during a natural disaster or a man-made tragedy,"
Oklahoma Medical Corp
Oklahoma Fire Corps are assited by OKMSAR in emergency diasters.
OKMSAR members are CERT trained and certified.
Citizen Corps is coordinated nationally by the Department of Homeland Security., and was created to help coordinate volunteer activities that will make our communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to any emergency situation. Oklahoma Mounted Search and Rescue Patrols are certified to assist in emergency diasters.

Carrying out the Oklahoma Tradition of Helping Others!

Search and Rescue members freely dedicate their own time, training, information, skills, equipment, and money to the relief of suffering, and to the humanitarian cause of saving lives.

OKMSAR offer ourselves as a immediate resource to first responders and any other local agency that need us for search, rescue, or emergency disaster response.